The Solstice on December 21, 2020 marked a new age in astrological terms in which the planets Jupiter and Saturn have conjoined in an air sign beginning a new 200 year cycle. They have been in an earth sign for 200 years. I personally have been feeling this shift out of the more material, tangible, earthly, industrial sign into the more etherial, spiritual, mental, digital sign. I have been tying up loose ends, going through old papers, photos, and journals, trying to accept the changes that this astrological event brings in a healthy way, without fear or trying to hold on to the old ways. I think about how things will be different from now on and am open to the change that will come. I think we as a collective will be more innovative, revolutionary, and intellectual. Perhaps our blindfolds will be lifted and we can see the power structures for what they truly are and work for a more just equitable future for humanity and the earth.



If you or your organization want to get some folks together to learn about herbs in an energetic, hands on, DIY way, book me for a demo or workshop and I will help you deepen your herbal knowledge. The goal is that each participant will leave a demo confident that they could make the remedy themselves, even if they have never worked with herbs before. Making plant medicine accessible and easily understandable is important to me. Sharing this knowledge with others brings me much joy. Send me an email today to let me know you're interested in learning more about my online classes. I do a donation based or sliding scale fee for classes.

  • Herbs for Immune and Respiratory Health

  • Self Care in Trying Times

  • Fire Cider Making Demo

  • Salve and Muscle Rub How To

  • Tinctures, Teas, Infusions, Decoctions and the basics of How to Get Herbs Into Your Health Routine

  • Incorporating Herbs in Your Kitchen

  • "Not Your Average Pesto"