This formula is a blend of tinctures (herbs infused in alcohol) and ginger glycerite (fresh ginger infused in vegetable glycerine). The herbs are excellent for immune boosting, fighting infection and tonifying for the lungs. This blend is contraindicated in pregancy and nursing. It comes in a 1oz or 2oz brown bottle with dropper top.


  • Ginger glycerite: (Zingiber officinale) anti-inflammatory, anti-microbrial, anti-fungal, can help with digestion and nausea. Glycerine is a sweet, viscous material that herbalists use to draw out the constituents of aromatic herbs similarly to how we use alcohol, water, or honey. Glycerine has a low glycemic index despite being so sweet.


  • Usnea Tincture: (Usnea spp) anti-biotic properties, excellent for throat and lung infections


  • Elecampagne Root Tincture: (Inula helenium) expectorant (helps break up and expel phlem), anti-inflammatory, helps reduce spasmodic coughing, helpful for asthmatics, anti-microbrial, can promote sweating to help expell virus, it is a drying herb.


  • Echinacea Root Tincture: stimulates the immune system, anti-viral, helps mitigate symptoms of common colds and the flu including sore throat, coughs, upper respiratory system upset and aches


  • Thyme Leaf Tincture: (Thymus spp.) aromatic, warming, drying, anti-microbrial herb, anti-spasmodic which can help suppress hacky, non-productive coughs, can soothe sore throats. (AC loves thyme as a tea and steam)


  • Lemonbalm Leaf tincture: (Melissa officinales) aromatic, cooling, anti-viral, helps reduce stress and anxiety, helps digestion, helps sore throat, nervine.


Immune and Respiratory Support Formula

  • Tinctures are not recommended for folks who do not consume alcohol, are sensative to alcohol, and/or are in recovery. AC does offer some glycerites and infused vinegars and tea blends to her clients if you're interested in those, reach out

    Not recommended when pregant or nursing.

    If you are taking pharmeceutical medications consult your practitioner before adding herbs to your health regimen.

    Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.