About AC Stauble, The Traveling Herb Farmer

AC Stauble is an herbalist, farmer, medicine maker and adventurer. She uses she/her pronouns though never minds when someone uses they/them pronouns either. When she is not at her home base in central New York, you will find AC on the road, traveling the U.S. serving up herbal tea,products, and conducting first aid for fellow travelers in need.



AC Stauble grew up in the North East with an awe and curiosity of the natural world. She gardened and crafted evergreen wreaths with her mom. Her dad taught her the ways to follow the moss patterns on the trees to find the way home through the woods. Her study of plants began in a real way in her early twenties, after graduating with a BS from University of Connecticut in 2009 with a major in political science, and minors in women's studies, and human rights.


In 2010 AC co-founded an open-source tech cafe called Slash Root in the Hudson Valley, NY, serving up computer repair, and education in a coffee shop environment. AC ran community events, workshops, art openings and the coffee bar. Her desire to stock the shelves with local herbs, tinctures, and tea blends lead her to local herbalists, farmers, and naturalists. This illuminated her into the world of natural medicine. She started to use mullein to help manage her asthma and mugwort to deepen her dreams, and would occasionally dose out the tech team with rose elixer when tensions were high. When she realized her favorite day of the week was the day she went to pick up the farm share and harvest you-pick herbs fresh on a neighboring farm, she decided it may be time to trade in the keyboard and espresso maker for a spade and boots.

After a few months of traveling around the US in 2012, AC settled back in New Paltz, NY to live and work at the Tweefontein Herb Farm as the art director and community organizer. In 2013 she became the General Manager of the farm overseeing growing, production, events, markets, and the books. She quickly learned just how much she didn't know about the plants she was growing, especially when folks at the Green Market farmers markets in New York City disclosed their health concerns to her and the other members. This set her on the life long plant path.

Education and Training:

AC soaked up as much knowledge as possible with the herbalist AnnMarie Tedeschi at Tweefontein Herb Farm in 2012-15. AnnMarie is an active community herbalist, educator and her product line is called Infinite Roots. She continued her studies with herbalist and homesteader Halyna Shepko at Shawangunk Ridge Farm in 2013. The following year AC completed herbalist and educator Kay Parson's Advanced Clinical Herbalism Program in Shutesbury, Massachusetts.

AC studied clinical, Western herbalism and botany at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine in Ithaca, NY. After the close of the 7 month program she stayed to apprentice at the Ithaca Free Clinic with Clinical Herbalist 7Song for his winter-mentee program in 2017-2018.

The Now:

AC loves teaching about herbs especially doing hands-on demonstrations, focusing on making herbal medicine accessible, fun and easy. Email her to book a workshop or event. Some examples of past workshops include making herbal salve and muscle rub, Fire Cider Vinegar, Not-Your Average Pesto, and more.

If you wish to book a consultation with AC to discuss how herbs may benefit your overall health and well being, she is happy to help. Contact her to set up a time to talk.


To connect deeply with the earth, the plants, and the people through regenerative farming, exploring, and sharing potent herbal medicine.

AC Stauble, Community Herbalist      

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