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The Plant
Cunning Podcast

by AC Stauble & Isaac Hill

This free weekly podcast, hosted by Isaac Hill and A.C. Stauble brings together a network of people wise to the ways of plants, fungi and the natural world to explore the Mysteries of Nature.


We invite herbalists, farmers, mages, fungi experts, community organizers and all kinds of other interesting people to the microphone to share their wisdom and experiences with us.


The Plant Cunning Podcast bridges different worlds, makes connections, inspires and at times blows our minds while we explore the underlying theme of plant-life.

We have over 100 episodes with guests like herbalists Rosemary Gladstar, Rosito Arvigo, Tammi Sweet, Pam Montgomery, 7Song, Guido Mase, Janet Kent, and Kat Maier.


We have druids and practitioners of magic and astrology like Judith Hill, Gordon White, Byron Ballard, Dana O'Driscol, John Michael Greer, Zambonifunk and Christopher Warnock.


Permiculturists, gardeners, farmers, and botanists like 4th generation farmer Joe Hollis, Marc Williams of Botany Every Day, Richo Cech of Strictly Medicinal Seeds, Kate Miller of Weathertop Farm.

The list goes on! Find us on You Tube, Spotify, Apple-Play, and most places you listen to podcasts. Please like, subscribe, and tell a friend if you're into what you hear. :) Cheers!

The inaugural Plant Cunning Conference is a live and in person event at AC and Isaacs' farm in central New York happening the second weekend of September, the 9th-10th, 2023.


We are thrilled to have incredible speakers lined up such as author and herbalist Matthew Wood, Kate Gilday of Woodland Essence, Lisa Fazio who will speak on Italian Folk Medicine and Magic, herbalist Aemen Bell on Why Herbs Are Your Most Trusted Ally, astrologer & herbalist Zambonifunk on how your astrological chart can influence your health, and classes on permaculture, divination, tai chi and more.

This is a chance for regional plant lovers to gather together and build community, share knowledge, and inspire each other. Please see all the details at

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