This mental clarity and brain boosting formula is made with herbs and known to protect and build nerves, promote better memory and limit excess mind chatter. I love this formula for those days when I have a lot of computer work to do and my focus and time management needs to be on point. Of all of my formula's I have had the most positive feedback on this one over the last two years.

The flavor is aromatic because of the rosemary and slightly bitter so I like to add it to seltzer or my water bottle rather than a straight shot to the mouth (but do you).


The blend is made of herbal extracts in alcohol, also known as tinctures, and a little organic vegetable glyerine (10% of the Ginkgo Tincture included is glycerine). This formula comes in a 1oz or 2oz brown glass bottle with dropper.

  • Milky Oats: (Avena sativa) The milky oats immature seeds or 'tops' of the oat plant, Avena sativa. When you squeeze these little seeds between your fingers they ooze out a 'milky' white liquid (latex) that is mineral rich and great for our nervous systems. It is known to help build the myelin sheath on the nerves which is the coating that protects our nerves like the rubber around an electric wire.

Production Notes: fresh green, milky tops from plants we grew in the garden in 2021 with care and no spray. They are blended fresh in 50% organic cane alcohol 50% water. When we laid down the seeds this year, the flocks of black birds were thrilled and told all of their friends about it. Every day my we'd release the farm dog, Ollie and say "birds" and he would run to the oat field and bark them away. He likes having a job. I thought the birds were going to eat them all, but we still had a nice crop and the plants are so generous. There was enough to go around.


  • Ginkgo Leaf: (Ginkgo biloba) is an anti-oxidant rich, hardy tree that has been used for medicine throughout the ages. It contains the flavonoids quercetin and rutin and other anti-aging compounds and is known to betonifying for tissues, great for wound healing, immunomodulating and neuroprotective according to herbalist Kat Maier in her book "Energetic Herbalism" pg 42.

Production Notes: Fresh, yellow ginkgo biloba leaf from Hudson, NY tinctured 1:3 with 55% organic cane alcohol, 15% water and 10% vegetable glycerine. I will note here that most of the studies proving the efficacy of ginkgo biloba are using the standardized extract, which is a specific method of extraction different than a tincture, like the one I make. But because of it's historical use as a medicinal plant I am in the camp that believes a traditional herbal tincture of ginkgo leaf is still solid medicine. The tip to add 10% vegetable glycerine to aid in the water soluable constituents' extraction process came from the Mutual Aid Herbalists of New York list serve community. 


  • Rosemary Leaf: (Salvia rosmarinus) is a popular culinary herb used in seasoning meats, fish, stews, beans, roots and more with it's earthy, aromatic taste. The reason we have often paired herbs like rosemary, oregano, sage, and thyme with meats is because of their anti-bacterial, anti-microbrial properties. Taking rosemary regularly can help to lower the body's risk of infections. But it's also been used since ancient Greek and Roman times (perhaps before) as a memory enhancer, promoting focus and mental clarity. I find the taste, aroma, and effects of rosemary to be super grounding and bring me back into my body if I tend to drift away momentarily.
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