The original muscle rub is used as a topical relief for muscle and joint pain. It is scented with the essential oils of Cinnamon and Clove which offers a pleasant and not overpowering smell. The herbs in it are known to reduce pain and inflammation. Arnica is a known analgesic herb which means it helps with pain relief. Yarrow is great for reducing swelling and soft tissue repair. Comfrey, also known as knit-bone, is excellent for helping bruises and injuries heal faster. Cayenne brings the blood flow to the area and helps activate the actions of the other herbs bringing a pleasant warming feeling to where ever the muscle rub is applied (however be cautious to avoid the eyes, lips, open cuts, and genitals because it may sting). Clients who use muscle rub find that it will start working within 10-20 minutes and can offer relief for 4-6 hours. The muscle rub is available in a Small- 2oz tin for $12.00 and a Large- 4oz tin for $20.00. (This product does not contain CBD. Email us at to inquire about purchasing our CBD Muscle Rub)

Muscle Rub

  • Recently we started making  a CBD Muscle Rub by adding Organic, Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract to our original recipe. They both work! The Original Muscle Rub is a wonderful pain relieving product and available much cheaper than the CBD Muscle Rub. Customers have been raving about the orignal recipe for years but we are finding the CBD Muscle Rub seems to work faster. Personally, I still use the Original at home for the aches and pains that accompany farming and traveling. Try both and let us know what you think! To order CBD products please email us to inquire.