Tinctures are herbal extracts in alcohol that you take internally to benefit from the constituents of the herbs used. All of the plants are either grown or wild harvested with care by us. They are available in 1 oz bottles or 2 oz bottles and are simples, meaning just one herb per bottle. We do offer some formulas as well and we are happy to make you a blend just for you, just email us to set up an initial consultation to identify your needs. We make the tinctures by infusing the macerated plant matter in a jar of high proof, ethyl alcohol and water for at least 6 weeks. Different plants call for different preparations but often we use fresh plant material, and a ratio of 1:2 or 1:3, or herb: liquid (marc: menstrum). You can take the tinctures directly under your tongue at the recommended dose on the bottle, or you may add them to water, juice, or tea if you do not care for the strong flavors.

Tinctures- Single Herb Extracts in Alcohol

Single Herb Extracts
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    We have these tinctures listed mostly for folks who know what they are looking for and are already familiar with the herbs they want to buy.  If you want to learn which herbs can help your specific body, mind, and spirit to be it's most vital and whole self, please contact AC Stauble, our clinical herbalst to set up a consultation. We can do the consultations over the phone, or internet if you are not in the central NY region. The initial consultation will take an hour to an hour and a 1/2. Follow ups will take a 1/2 hour to one hour.